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    Don't Tell Brenda  •  The Defense Affair

Don't Tell Brenda

Look for my next novel also from Twilight Times Books on shelves soon. Don't tell Brenda is a mystery centered in Johnston County North Carolina. It shares the fictitious town of St. Umblers with Bobby becomes Bob and Williams Lake Was Once the Center of the Universe. It is a story of crime and revenge. It teaches that revenge more so than crime does not pay. The principal characters take their crime spree outside Johnston County only to return for their last robbery. That heist which was born of the desire for revenge was to end their criminal career. It did. However, it ended quite differently than they had envisioned.

"You have certainly done your homework. The accuracy was eerie, almost like you lived here (Cassadaga, Florida). Great job." Matthew Sekunna, internationally known Psychic and Palmist who has lectured and given readings throughout the U. S. and Europe, ordained minister with the International General Assembly of Spiritualists, president of the Universal Centre of Cassadaga and UCSS.

"The author takes us back to yesteryear, a nostalgic bygone era with a vivid clarity and fondness of the time. Blending fiction with history wonderfully, author Bob Boan tells a compelling story of crime, love and innocence intertwined during a time in the nation when we were coming into our own. This novel will appeal to anyone interested in the rich history of the south, with vivid portrayals of characters who cherish their friendship and loyalties above all else." - Jason Cordova, author and editor

"In Don't Tell Brenda, Bob Boan has written a unique type of 'buddy story', a kind of hero/anti-hero mix set against the background of rural North Carolina during the turbulent 1960s. The characters' authenticity rings true, even when they're in the middle of a 'situation', even when they're following their hormones instead of their brains, as young men are sometimes wont to do. Don't Tell Brenda is a different kind of story, one worth reading, one that screams for a sequel, so we can find out what happens to these young people in the wake of their adventures."- Stephanie Osborn, author of Burnout, Twilight Times Books

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