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Dr. Boan is a native of South Carolina though he has spent most of his life in other states. He has lived in Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Mississippi, Illinois and Alabama. He received a BS from Campbell University, an MCS from the University of Mississippi, a Specialist in Education and a Ph. D. from the Florida Institute of Technology. He has also taken courses at the University of Florida, Rollins College, Florida State University, the University of Virginia, UCLA and the University of Maryland.

He is currently semi-retired. He is living reasonably comfortably somewhere on the East Coast on or near a beach. But he is thinking snow. Semi-retired means that he is doing some consulting and he is spending more time on the beach. He goes shaggin' wherever he gets a chance. Semi-retirement has afforded him the time to devote to writing. Writing has been a long-time personal goal. He is passionate about accomplishing that goal. His work to date encompasses nonfiction and southern life dramatic fiction. He has plans to write a mystery and a Sci-Fi. You may experience his literary work through the books and short story links.
Bob Boan
Dr. Boan as seen on National Geographic’s special
When Aliens Attack

He is a scientist by academic training with extensive exposure to engineering during his professional career. He spent over a quarter of a century working primarily on intelligence related programs supporting the United States of America. The majority of that time was spent on Government space programs. He worked to a lesser extent on NASA programs. He has also participated in commercial communications programs.

Prior to entering industry, Dr. Boan spent 10+ years in academia. He taught physical science classes at the high school through college graduate levels. While teaching, he coached a variety of sports. Basketball was his preferred sport. He also coached baseball, football, track and cross country at various times. He sponsored a number of extra-curricular activities. He believed that he made a bigger contribution to the students by being involved with their development outside the classroom.

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