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Williams Lake was Once the Center of the Universe

Verbal Pictures Press, July 2008.

Against the backdrop of the sociopolitical change of the Sixties, some of the youth of St. Umblers were looking for ways to have fun as a means of staving off maturity and responsibility one day, one adventure at a time.

"I get a lot more pleasure from talking about Williams Lake now than I got from it then." - Robert Honeycutt, Williams Lake operator 1965 1969

"Bob takes me back in the day to a time when felt invincible." - Robert Jacobs II, 25 year professional shagger and 1988 National Champion; actor in Shag:The Movie

"In addition to telling stories about his characters, the author provides us with brief histories of Williams Lake, some of the bands that performed there during the 60's and their brand of Beach Music; it is a journey down a path that provides the reader with an opportunity to revisit the adventurer in each of us" - Christopher Biehler, president Forevermore Records

"The stories and feelingslived out by the characters can be universally applied to any young person coming of age." - Dunn Daily Record

"While the book centers on shaggers who flocked to Williams Lake in Sampson County, N.C. during the late 1950s and '60s, some of the events take place in the Ocean Drive section of North Myrtle Beach." -Myrtle Beach Sun News

"So, when he (Boan) retired from his work as an aerospace engineer - yes, he is a rocket scientist - he decided to set froth on recalling those stories he felt were worthy of the printed pages." - The Sampson Independent

"With a cover painting by Becky Stowe who owns Beach Memories Art in North Myrtle Beach. . ." - Four Oaks/Benson News

"Boan's novel will be a memory-refresher to the generation of shag-dancing baby boomers" - The Fayetteville Observer

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