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Bobby Becomes Bob

Twilight Times Books, 2009.

April 74: Bobby Padgett was in St. Umblers for first time since his forced departure. His mind and heart raced as he struggled along Main Street. His mission was to reunite with the love of his life. Nothing else mattered.

"Bob captures the essence of living in a small southern town. He portrays the characters with great fidelity. His story is simple, yet believable. His heroes are not too large." - R. M. "Reds" Helmey, Author of The Lemon Dance, Former Green Beret, The only individual ever acquitted of the hijacking of a U.S. commercial airliner, American Patriot

“Bobby Becomes Bob is a very poignant story with a lot of heart.” - Carol A. Guy, former newspaper reporter whose true crime book, A Picture Perfect Kid was a 2004 EPPIE Award finalist who has authored or coauthored over ten books

"Bobby's transformation to Bob is a rural southern story of trials, tribulations and fond memories that many baby boomers from that era can relate to and reminisce." - Howard Stallings, Jr., Teacher for 32 years also serving as Men's Basketball Coach and Athletic Director, he earned Basketball Coach of the Year Awards and an Athletic Director of the Year Award, N.C. East-West Basketball Coach, Inaugural Granville County N.C. Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee, 2008 OD Shag Club President

"This book is a must for anyone who wants to experience growing up the way southern "country boys and girls" did during the mid 1900's as well as anyone who wishes to relive it. This is the way it was yesterday. I know; I was there" - Charles Bishop, "Coach" had an amazing overall record of 1,664 wins and only 125 losses during 35 years coaching track, cross country, basketball and football in North Carolina, He earned 46 Coach of the Year awards, He was honored as National High School Coach of the year in 1977 and 1987, East Carolina University Alumni Association Outstanding Alumni Award Recipient 2006

“This is a heartfelt story of a young southern boy’s journey into manhood and all that entails. The realistic characters and circumstances are so poignant that they will bring tears to your eyes.” - Julie Danielle Eason, former community college English instructor, former graphic-web designer and technical writer

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